Tuesday 6 December 2016 – Privacy Rights Night

As our daily existence becomes ever more mediated by technology, it is arguable that questions surrounding our privacy have never been of more interest, or importance, to the public than they are today. While individuals value technology, governments and companies place enormous value on the personal data of those individuals made available through the use of technology.

In this landscape, how much do we really know about our rights with respect to personal data, and other privacy rights more generally? Do we care enough about these rights to enforce them? And if we do, what is the cost of doing so?

Privacy Night will explore these questions and distill what privacy rights individuals actually possess in Australia. Experts in the field will analyse privacy rights in relation to governmental and private sector power and explore the current and future trajectories of Australian privacy law and what individuals can do if they are concerned about their privacy.

The Panelists:

Moderator: Dan Brush, National Leader Intellectual Property and ICT Team, Colin Biggers Paisley.

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